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Marisa Camplin

Writer and Director

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About Me

As a writer and director, I love sharing stories about the moments that challenge us to the core, delight every bone in our body and define who we are today. The deepest emotions that we feel as humans are the very emotions that we all share. And I believe they have the power to connect us -- and ultimately unite us. This is what continues to humble and inspire me every day.

The most rewarding thing, and the most challenging thing, about being a filmmaker is remaining so passionate and unwavering about the need to tell a story that you won’t stop until it gets shared with the world. In your heart you know it’s worth every struggle of pursuit. That’s me in a nutshell.

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Feature Film in Development


CALLIOPE is a character-driven drama about fear, abandonment, finding one’s strength, and the power of forgiveness against a backdrop of hope. As a child, Calliope’s protective mother always told her what she ‘should do’ and then later in life her preoccupied husband relied on her to do everything. And to both, she never said a word. Living life as a people-pleaser seemed easier than living life as a warrior. But once she’s diagnosed with breast cancer, the world as she knows it falls apart. Desperate to put the pieces back together as they once were, she soon realizes they will never fit like before. Fighting for her life means fighting for herself everywhere. With her eyes now open, her most authentic voice is found. And with that gift, she finds her own way to move forward.

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This is a fiscal sponsored project through New York Women in Film and Television. 
Your contribution to this project is a charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

Non-Profit Video Work

Recently, I produced and directed several mini-documentaries and impact videos for the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Initiative at Stanford University - the field of data science being significantly underrepresented by women. We were able to capture the stories, projects and impactful work of women in the field around the globe. These videos were played on the main stage at the WiDS annual conference in 2023.

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Narrative Short Film Work