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Marisa Camplin

Writer and Director

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About Me

As a writer and director, I love sharing stories about the moments that challenge us to the core, delight every bone in our body and define who we are today. The deepest emotions that we feel as humans are the very emotions that we all share. And I believe they have the power to connect us -- and ultimately unite us. This is what continues to humble and inspire me every day.

The most rewarding thing, and the most challenging thing, about being a filmmaker is remaining so passionate and unwavering about the need to tell a story that you won’t stop until it gets shared with the world. In your heart you know it’s worth every struggle of pursuit. That’s me in a nutshell.

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Feature Film in Development

Forty-year-old Calliope Miller appears to have everything she’s ever wanted. She has just landed her dream job at an upscale New York interior design firm. She lives on a quiet tree lined block in Brooklyn with her husband Bob, a good-looking and hard-working insurance sales exec, and she competes on a masters swim team at a local pool to stay in shape.


Calliope finds her world upended when her first mammogram screening results in a breast cancer diagnosis. At night, she is haunted by a recurring nightmare of drowning in open water when her swimming skills fail her. 


As she faces difficult health decisions, Bob retreats to heavy drinking and ultimately walks out on her. Calliope’s mother, Diane, questions her decisions and places blame instead of offering words of comfort. Then, a rivalrous co-worker appears to take advantage of her medical absences when Calliope is reluctant to explain them. These brutal behaviors threaten a once perfectly built house of cards that she never understood to be so fragile.  


At risk of drowning, how can Calliope fight for her life and find the strength she never knew she had? 

Concrete Wall

CALLIOPE is fiscally sponsored through New York Women in Film and Television. Your contribution to this project is a charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

Non-Profit Video Work

One of the greatest privileges as a filmmaker is to share social impact stories to promote change and inclusion. 

Currently, I produce and direct mini-documentaries for the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide at Stanford University.. Data Science is a field that is significantly underrepresented by women. We capture the stories and projects of women data scientists around the globe to highlight their impactful and inspiring work.

Narrative Short Film Work